12 December 2012

More New Sourdough

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Today is Day 5 of my new sourdough adventure and I have now entered the repeat cycle which started yesterday. But to do it chronologically:

Day 3

2 tbsp sour rye flour
2 tbsp unsweetened pineapple juice

Stirred in, lid on and left on the window sill. However, in the recent cold snap in the UK, the temperature in our kitchen is well below what one might consider "room temperature" and so I have moved the jar to the living room, which has a radiator...

I don't have any photos because the thing looks the same. There were still only 3 - 4 big bubbles and it still smelt vaguely of pineapple that has started to ferment, but that's it.

Day 4

Keep 0.6 dl of the sourdough
0.6 dl strong white flour
0.6 dl filtered water

Stirred in, lid on and back on the shelf in the living room. The left-over sourdough went into a box in the fridge. I refuse to throw it away.

A couple of hours after being fed, it has a lot of little bubbles on the surface and some hooch, which is a bit surprising - it's supposed to produce this when it's hungry and I don't think this is the case, perhaps it was more of a sediment action.

Today I repeated what I did yesterday and the left-over sourdough went into the little box in the fridge - it was a little lighter than yesterday's left-over.

Observing the new sourdough, today I was not able to detect the pineapple smell, instead it smelt of sourdough. Yay, good start it seems.

It's a lot runnier than what I had before, but perhaps that's OK. The instructions are now to repeat the activities of Day 4 until the sourdough starts to expand after feeding and starts smelling very yeasty. It could be ready as early as Day 7, but they recommend keeping it up for 2 - 3 weeks to develop the flavour. Then the new sourdough can go into the fridge for a less frequent feeding.

I should probably thicken it up a bit, if it's too runny, it won't be as obvious when its ready to use, as the bubbles will just come up to the surface instead of the whole sourdough expanding. The next post.

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