24 February 2008

Back from holiday

Lundulph and I got back from a week in windy Cornwall yesterday. It was nice, but extremely windy. And I picked up a book on how to make clotted cream and I'll be trying it out next week-end. Very exciting.

In the mean time, our sausages have been happily hanging in the fridge. But of course, since it hadn't been opened for about a week and so there had been no reason for it to extract any moisture, so the sausages are still quite soft and also had some small nodules all over them.

I was a bit worried, but they seemed to be little blobs of fat. I wiped all sausages and rolled them. They are getting nice and flat, I hope that they'll be ready by the end of next week, both Lundulph and I are drooling in anticipation.

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