27 February 2008

Powdered sujuk

After discussing my observations on our sujuk sausages with the expert (my Mum), it turns out she'd noticed the same thing on her sujuks and has taken two steps to ensure final success - she's dusted them with a mixture of flour and paprika and she's put them in the freezer which is frost free.

So tonight, I measured up about a tablespoon of paprika and a tablespoon of plain flour and mixed them well in a deep bowl. Then I set about dusting. The powder did stick to the sausages very well and far too thick too, so I had to brush off all the excess with my egg brush.

I still don't feel too comfortable about placing in the freezer - they have to be put in there "naked" so to speak, not in a plastic bag or similar. I might give it a try on a couple of them over the next few days, I need to work out a way of not getting the freezer dirty with grease and flour and paprika.

Here they are almost done and dusted. The drier parts at the edges didn't pick up too much of the dusting, as you can see. But they are now closer to the ones in the shop, on the surface at least. Industrially made sujuk of course contains a lot more fat.

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