15 September 2007

Cooling Down

Yesterday Sainsbury's had British strawberries. I guessed they are the last of the season and they looked rather nice, so I bought a couple of punnets. The plan was to eat some after dinner last night, but we forgot.

Today as I was cooking, I got thinking about what they do in Sweden with lingonberries - they are sometimes layered with sugar, left to stand for a bit, then stirred and used together with game or Swedish meatballs.

So I thought, this layering should work with the strawberries too, as I had a suspicion that they might not be too sweet. So in between watching the garlic horns baking, I diced the strawberries and layered them with granulated sugar. 1 punnet of 500 g with 3 tbsp of sugar. I stirred it in and left it on the side, while I prepared the dough for the broccoli pie.

Some 20 minutes or so later, the strawberry bowl looked very nice, a lot of juice had been released and the pieces glimmered in the sun. So a scoop of dairy ice cream topped with these red jewels was mine and Lundulph's treat for today.

Now I've had my break and will continue with the kyopoolu and the birthday cake. Hopefully will also have time to prepare some browned onion puree - a very useful ingredient for korma that I freeze portion wise.

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