8 September 2006

My Cook Book and other useful things

Well, this is yet another attempt at getting my recipes online and as usual the main problem would be that I actually have to type them in. There's no way there's any SW on this planet that can decipher my handwriting. Well, some are already digitised, so I'll try and copy them across at some point.

The main thing this week is that my cooker was plumbed in on Monday and I've just tried it out. A bit rusty after having managed without a cooker for about a year and a half. Now I have a brand spanking new Cannon Professional. In the UK, "professional" seems to mean stainless steel and 60 cm wide. Most regular cookers seem to be 50 cm, which I personally think should be made illegal or called "novelty" at the very least. But if people don't tend to cook and just need it for when they sell the house, then 50 cm is perhaps fine.

Mind you, it is quite possible to live with two evil electric hobs from Argos for at least a year and a half, I've just done that.

Oops, moving into grumping territory, so will continue on the grumpy blog.

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