27 April 2008

Müsli bar challenge finshed

The other day I made the third batch of müsli bars for Lundulph to take with him on his way to work. All according to the third version of the müsli bars. The second batch was done in a rush and I'd forgoten the honey and also I kept the bars in the oven too long and they went very dry.

This time, I remembered the honey, baked them for an hour and a half which dried out the surface, but left them fairly soft inside. Since I'm freezing them, they don't need to be completely dry.

I've also worked out a method on shaping them. The muffin tins are just too big. Instead I use my ice cream scoop to get 6 - 7 scoops onto a piece of cling film. I then roll it up into a sausage, compressing the mixture as much as possible. I use the empty cardboard roll of a kitchen paper roll, put the müsli sausage with the clingfilm into the cardboard roll and compress it even further. I then take the müsli sausage out and leave it to cool, after which I slice it with a serrated knife and then bake on low to dry out the pieces.

From the standard recipe, I got 7 of the sausages, so not too bad. In the old days when Lundulph would eat breakfast at home, we'd get through one batch in 2 weeks. I regret a bit that I thew away the dough hooks of my electric whisk, they would have been handy to mix the mixture for the müsli bars.


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