3 October 2006

Pumpkin Cream

Mainly for Halloween, this is a nice and light dessert.

1 butternut squash
creme fraiche, mascarpone or whipped cream

  1. Cut the squash in the middle between the narrow and rounded part. Then cut the rounded part in half and scoop out the seeds, but don't throw them away.
  2. Cut up the bits into smaller chunks, then peel them with a vegetable knife as the skin is too tough for potato peelers.
  3. Boil the pumpkin chunks, only put enough water so that only the bottom half of the chunks are under water. Boil until soft. Alternatively the chunks can be steamed, but you'll need to add water for the cream.
  4. Blend with the water until smooth. A thick cream like custard should result.
  5. Add sugar and cinnamon to taste, then pour into portion sized glasses. Chopped walnuts can also be added.
  6. Decorate with creme fraiche/mascarpone or whipped cream and top with chopped walnuts.
  7. Cool in the fridge for at least a 3 hours.

If you are doing a Halloween dinner party, here's a serving suggestion. Get mini-pumpkins, one for each guest. Cut off the tops and scoop out both seeds and flesh, then back fill with the pumpkin cream and put the tops back on, slightly on the side.

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