12 February 2008

Sujuk 3

Last night it was time for the first rolling and Lundulph kindly complied. He did a really good job of it too.

The sausages have definitely begun to dry and have gone darker, closer to their final colour. Also I seem to have filled them fairly well too, as no air bubbles had appeared. If they do, they need to be pricked with a needle.

All we need to do now is to wait the 25 days and roll every now and then.

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Anonymous said...

These look amazing! I would love to do something like this, I think I *need* a sausage stuffing machine!

BTW, I noticed fresh yeast in Planet Organic last night...they're part of the Whole Foods chain and have a few shops dotted around, not sure if you have one near you though.

Let me know if you want me to pick some up for you.


Caramella Mou said...

Thanks Ginger, they smell the right way, there's still a week to go. If the sausages have survived, we'll bring some over for you to sample.
And thanks so much for the green peppers, I've got some nice fish to try them out.
It's so sweet of you to offer to get me some fresh yeast, I'll let you know if I can't find any at our local baker's.