12 September 2007

Turkey Satay

We had a very lazy Sunday, to the point that I didn't make the planned satay turkey. I made it on Monday, but since it's quite a fiddly and time consuming thing to do, by the time it was ready we were so hungry, we ate like we'd never seen food before and then it was bedtime.

Besides, it's not my recipe, it's Delia's but it's ever so good. It has nothing to do with the stuff they serve at restaurants, it's way beyond them and is worth the whole effort. I have yet to try out the recommendation to prepare the marinade and sauce in advance.

You can find the recipe here.

I used turkey instead, as we had two packets of turkey steaks that I cut up in thin strips and didn't bother with the skewers at all. I was also a bit generous with the ginger and didn't have fresh chillies, so used crushed ones instead.

Lundulph said finger-lickin' good. Oh, I also tried it out on the paneer I did the other day and it worked OK, would probably be better with tofu.

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