16 September 2007

Beans with chilli and garlic

The other day we went to a nice Italian restaurant and some of the vegetables we had were French beans with chilli and garlic. So I tried it out today, to go with our barbecued lamb and turkey.

I tried it out, I steamed the beans, then sautéd them along with the chopped red chilli and finely sliced garlic. Sadly I used walnut oil for this and it was a mistake, it didn't taste nice at all, though it wasn't completely inedible. I'll try this out with toasted sesame seed oil or butter next time.

This concludes this busy, but highly enjoyable week-end.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow, you've been busy! The cake looked amazing!

I love beans with chilli and garlic but I always find myself eating too much and giving myself a stomach ache. Sadly, moderation is not one of my strengths :)