2 October 2006

Brown Nutty Scones

I watched on telly when Rachel Allen did these and scribbled down the ingredients some time ago, in the hopes of trying them out once the cooker was installed.

Well, last night I made them, but wasn't too sure of my scribblings, so invented as I went along. Today I found her recipe, she's made some changes to it as well.

I used rye flour instead of the wholemeal (coarse brown flour in the TV show). Then I used porridge oats and sunflower seeds, but not linseed (as in the TV show). Also I wasn't sure about the raising agent, so I used 5 tsp of baking powder instead. The buttermilk was swapped for Jersey gold top milk of 5.2% fat (it smelt of butter).

I used up all the liquid and the dough was extremely sticky. I spread some seeds on top of it and pressed them in, but they didn't stick, so next time I need to remember to save some liquid for that.

Also, 5 tsp baking powder made the dough very salty, so must try using 1 tsp of bicarbonate of soda instead.

As for baking, it took longer than she said on telly - some 30 minutes, of which the first 15 were on 230 degrees (gas mark 8), then the last 15 were on 200 degrees (gas mark 5).

Lundulph was very surprised, he expected regular scones, to be eaten with clotted cream and jam, but these are more like the American "biscuits" - savoury. Should be good with soup, I think. I just had a small nibble last night, but will try a whole one today.

6 October 2006 update:

Despite using far too much baking powder, they didn't rise much and are actually quite heavy. So I'll have try with wholemeal or brown flour next time. But the good news is that they can be frozen and are quite tasty afterwards as well. Their heaviness means that they don't soak up liquids very well, so if you like dipping, it's not ideal.

Personally I think that only babies and old people who have lost their teeth are OK to dip. I've had my share of bread dipped in tea or soup and I really don't like the soggy texture, which is why don't approve of dipping.

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