11 July 2016

Rum and Raisin Ice Cream

As per usual, the week before going on holiday, the fridge needs to be emptied. This time we'd both been so busy, that I hadn't planned things very well and had over half a can of dulce de leche left in the fridge from the Frozen Mojito Cake I made for Father's Day and I didn't want to leave it and definitely didn't want to throw it away. So, having also caught glimpses of Mary Berry's Knickerbocker Glory recipe on the telly, I decided to make ice cream.

Now Mary's recipe called for eggs and I'd used those up for the Frozen Mojito Cake, so I went back to the wonderful, no-churn, two ingredient basic ice cream recipe. And this time I decided to add some raisins soaked in rum.


100 g raisins
4 tbsp dark rum
200 g dulce de leche
200 ml whipping cream


  1. Soak the raisins in the dark rum for 3 - 4 h before making the ice cream.
  2. Place the dulce de leche and the whipping cream in a large bowl and whip to soft peaks.
  3. Add the raisins along with whatever's left of the rum and stir into the ice cream mixture to distribute as evenly as possible.
  4. Transfer to a plastic tub and freeze overnight at least.

So it was a nice surprise for Lundulph after we came back home to have such a lovely dessert. We gobbled it up in the first few days after returning, it's such a nice texture and so creamy and I'm pleased that whipping cream worked just as well as the double cream I used in my original try. Not to mention that the dulce de leche added a very nice caramel touch to it. I think I'll try adding fruit purée next time.

No photos to show this time, I keep forgetting to get the camera out these days it seems.

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