18 September 2010

Celeriac Crisps

I deliberately chose the smallest celeriac root in the shop, because I don't really like the taste and didn't want to have too much left over from the rabbit fricassée.

But I still had about two-thirds of it left and just couldn't bring myself to putting it on the compost heap.


And so, while the Friday dinner was cooking, I peeled the remaining root and carefully sliced it as thinly as I could, about 2 mm.

I then laid all the slices out on two thin baking sheets that had been lined with baking paper.

I carefully brushed melted butter on the upper side of each and sprinkled a little salt over them and baked in the oven on about 110 degrees C for over an hour.

The pieces shrank massively, got a golden edge to them and curled up. And also were very much like the posh vegetable crisps they sell in the shops. Of course the celery taste came through with a slight delay, so it's not something Lundulph and I will sit and nibble on, but it would work as decoration on dishes or as part of a variety of vegetable crisps. Lundulph suggested I try beetroot next, I'm leaning towards carrot and parsnip (which Lundulph also doesn't like). I have grown Jerusalem artichokes this year, they might work too, but I won't be able to try them out until the first frost, when they can be harvested. Like parsnips, they develop sweetness then.

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