13 December 2009

The Moose is loose

In preparation of St Lucia, I did some baking in the past couple of days.


First up were the ginger snaps. Now that I have the hang of the recipe, I stick to it. This time however, I've used non-traditional shapes, which I spotted in IKEA a few months ago. They represent Swedish wild animals and although my favourite the lynx is missing, I particularly like the moose and the hedgehog. I had to make a moose warning sign, which is now hanging in our front window and it looks quite nice in the evening, when the lights are on and shine through the curtains.


I also made some gingerbread boys and girls to take as presents to Stephen and Kerri of Dinnerdiary, who made a lovely Mexican buffet with slow cooked pork, a very tasty bean stew and some wonderful ice cream for dessert. I've asked for the recipes and am looking forward to their blog post about this.

Second I baked lussekatter, since today is the day of St Lucia. I increased the amount of sugar a bit, but it needs more than that even. And I struggled to measure the correct amount of saffron, so had to add some once the dough was ready. Again, I added too much flour and the dough went a bit hard. Dang! Lundulph suggested that I add saffron to the brioche recipe instead, because they are always very light and fluffy. I think that might work, even though the two recipes are so very different. I'd need to add more sugar to the brioche dough as well.

This morning we had some for breakfast, re-heated in the microwave for a minute. Lundulph had his with strawberry jam and said that was a very successful combination.

And also today is the third Advent Sunday, so we'll be having mulled wine later on tonight and have some gingersnaps with that.

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