1 February 2009

Ye Olde Recipe Collection

We've been having major renovations in our house for most of January. We're half-way through ( I hope), at least the dirty part should be over. And this week-end I've pushed the dishwasher to it's limits in running everything through to get rid of all the dust the plasterers kindly spread all over our house.

And in wiping my cookery books clean, I came across a big batch of Waitrose recipe cards. Flicking through them briefly, they all seemed so very tasty, so I've decided to work my way through them.

This week-end I'd decide to make something really nice for Lundulph, he's had a cold for a few days and still isn't too well.

But all the cleaning we've been doing (interspersed with a lot of computer games and end of the month accounts work) and me not reading the recipe through properly, we'll be having the special meal tomorrow. I've prepared everything though, so should be just add the bits at the right time.

Tune in tomorrow for Pork Vindaloo.