14 January 2007

Ingredients 2


Sainsbury's have stopped selling grape seed oil in 1 litre bottles. This is very annoying indeed. But according to my Mum, the thing to cook with these days is oil made from rape seed. The reason for this is that this oil is rich in Omega3. This is not mentioned in Wikipedia, however, the page on Omega3 fatty acids does mention grape seed oil specifically.

Of course, the Wikipedia content should be taken with a pinch of salt and Sainsbury's are selling a vegetable oil, that according to the ingredients is made of rape seed and I've bought a bottle to try it out.

Before Christmas, I also bought a small bottle of toasted sesame oil and another one with walnut oil. I've tried the walnut oil as salad dressing and it was very tasty.

As for the toasted sesame oil, I'll use it next time I make stir fry.

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