2 May 2010

Toad In The Hole

During my shopping round last Friday, they had a special offer on sausages and I got a couple of packets. Generally I freeze them, just as I do with Swedish meatballs, as they all make very nice emergency dinners, when I've not had time or inspiration for something good. But I thought with Bank Holiday week-end coming up, I should treat Lundulph to a Toad in the Hole.


I've never made this before, but I know Lundulph has mentioned it on occasion. I also grabbed a packet of eggs.

This morning I set to investigate recipes, but having had some massive trouble with my new Linux installation and localisation issues that could not be removed (leaving parts of the computer in English, part in Swedish and part in Bulgarian), I didn't have sufficient time to focus on recipes, so I went to DinnerDiary to see if they'd already made this.

Indeed they had, twice even and the second time, Kerri had kindly posted the recipe. I didn't have Madeira for the gravy, so went with Bisto granules, which is reliable.

I also had a packet of jumbo Frankfurters for myself, I don't like regular English sausages.

I heated up the pan, browned sausages and Frankfurters while mixing the batter. It seemed quite thin, certainly thinner than I make pancake batter and by the time I'd lined up all the sausages in the pan, things had cooled down a bit and there was no sizzle when I poured in the batter.

Still, into the oven it went and I gave it 35 minutes on about 250 degrees C. As expected, the oven didn't bake very evenly and the edges were scorched, while the middle was pale and just barely cooked. Maybe next time I'll check it after 20 minutes and turn down the heat and even move the pan lower down in the oven, it was on as high as it would go to catch the most of the heat. But the batter had risen and threatened to escape. It did sink down a bit when I got it out and once I'd cut it up and put on our plates it looked quite ugly, but was ever so tasty. So I think I'll put this on my list of emergency dinners, it was very quick to make and rather tasty.

As for dinner tonight, well, we'll have the remaining asparagus - the fattest spears that are left.

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