30 March 2009

Lundulph Nostalgia

Rummaging around the freezer a few days ago, I found a packet of fish fingers. These exist in Sweden as well and were the only type of fish I'd eat while at school. The packet in question was purchased on one of the few times Lundulph would come shopping with me and last Friday seemed like a good time to tuck into it.

I bought some Heritage potatoes from Sainsbury's, they were purple and looked rather exciting. This to make mash and for a bit of colour, I had a packet of peas in the freezer too.


The interesting bit is the mashed potatoes. Despite the heritage ones being floury, i e for roasting, I steamed them along with the couple of waxy Vivaldi ones I had left over from earlier. Pushed all of them through the potato press and realised I didn't have creme fraiche as per Delia's perfect mashed potatoes.

So the way I resolved this was to use butter and home made yogurt.

I had about 1 kg potatoes to which I used 100 g unsalted butter (the only kind I use in my sweet baking escapades these days, thus the only kind in the fridge) and 6 tbsp yogurt, along with salt and ground black pepper. It tasted just as nice as with creme fraiche.

Rather nice and quick dinner, I thought.


Lundulph said...

Of course, to be truly authentic it should be Cadbury's Smash, and beans not peas :-)

Caramella Mou said...

I think powdered stuff to be reconstituted with water into so called mashed potatoes should be made illegal and banned throughout the world.

Just say no!