17 April 2008

Clotted Cream, take 2

The other day I attempted making clotted cream again. This time I looked through all the bottles of Jersey milk and picked the one that had about 10 cm of cream at the top. I also bought a small tub (280 ml) extra thick double cream.

I followed the procedures as before, but I stirred in the milk into the cream and got it thoroughly mixed. I also skipped the metal plate and put the pyrex dish straight into the bain marie. And I checked with a thermometer and I was right, the milk got up to around 75 degrees and it needs to be 82.

Given my readings about milk lately and some experimentation, this may well be the cause of some of the problems. Also I'm sufficiently removed from dairy farms not to be able to get hold of fresh milk anyway. Our local dairy ships the whole lot to a far end of the country where it's made into fancy ice cream that's shipped back and sold at the local cafes.

But the extra cream made a difference - I now got about 2 dl and it sure tasted nice. So next step will be to not bother with milk at all, but go straight for the extra thick double cream (about 48% fat content). After skimming it off, the remaining milk still seemed to have quite a bit of fat in it and I really didn't want to throw it away. So tonight I'm making kulfi, which is an Indian ice cream. It's all very exciting and I'll blog about it tomorrow.

In the mean time, I'll be thinking happy thoughts at not wasting food.

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