9 October 2013

Cinnamon Bun Day Once Again


Yes, yesterday was Cinnamon Bun Day once again and having recently watched the Hairy Bikers' show Bakeation, I decided to try out a new shape for the lovelies. In fact, my Mum described the method to me as well. There is a snippet of the method on youtube even.


As the recipe I made the other year was so successful, I decided to make it again. The only change is that I used golden syrup instead of white sugar syrup/glucose. I was hoping to get a sweeter dough, but oddly enough I didn't notice any difference. I also used fresh yeast, 40 g of it. I was hoping to let the dough rise in the fridge for several hours, but despite the fridge being unusually cold, the dough made an attempt to escape after just over 3 hours, so I dropped what I was doing and cracked on with the baking. I'll need to reduce the yeast to maybe 25 g next time.


One important thing to keep in mind is that the filling was a bit too much for the twisted knot shapes and quite a lot of it oozed out during baking. Watching the video again, it doesn't show clearly how much topping they put on either, but a little less than the amount for swirls.


I baked the buns in fan assisted mode, so the oven was set at 190 °C and the buns took 18 - 19 minutes. Most pleasing was the fact that they had baked underneath as well, not like in the evil old oven.


The same amount resulted in 26 huge buns. Definitely café sized and I didn't bother with paper cases either. So one bun would pretty much work as a meal on its own... Due to their size, I could only fit 6 on a baking tray and as they are fairly quick to make, I was worried that most of them would over-proof by the time they would go in the oven, so I kept trays 1 and 2 at room temperature and the rest went in the fridge to slow them down a bit. This worked rather well in preventing over-proofing, but had no effect on the oozing out of the filling.


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