9 October 2013

Aberffraw Biscuits

In last year's Great British Bake-off, one of the informational clips between the bakes was about a particular type of biscuits - from Aberffraw in Wales.


What I found particularly intriguing was that the biscuits were shaped on the shell of a scallop. And so I set out to look for a scallop shell. This is not easy to find. But luckily we went to Swanage a few weeks ago and in one of the touristy junk shops, there was a whole bucket of them.


Then the recipe - I used this one, which came out quite high up in a google search. Once I got started, it struck me that it didn't even have vanilla in it, but I decided to persevere and follow the original recipe before beginning experimentation.


Another great thing was the amounts - the dough I ended up with was about the size of an orange, so perfect for me and Lundulph. I ended up with 10 fairly large biscuits (and a baby one), as they spread a little during baking and I used the 78 mm round cutter. I'll use the smaller one next time, which is 68 mm. Yes, the odd sizes are due to being conversions from imperial measurements.

It was also really quick to make, even when I took the time to first scrape the butter to speed up bringing it to room temperature and then creaming it with the sugar. But the shape did get lost during the baking, so next time I'll try resting the biscuits in the fridge for half an hour, hopefully it'll help.

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