1 August 2013

Müsli Recipe Evolved

The other day as I was mixing another batch of müsli, I realised that it has changed quite a bit since I first blogged about it. I've been scribbling changes in my notebook where I first wrote it down, crossing some things out, more scribblings... Some changes were forced due to not being able to find a particular ingredient - like the shredded coconut. Others are things that have recently become available outside London.

So I thought I'd update the blog with the new mixture.

1 pi puffed rice
1 pi cornflakes
1 pi high fibre bran or all bran flakes
1.5 pi porridge oats
130 g sultanas
200 g diced dried apricots
100 g sunflower seeds
75 g sesame seeds
100 g dessicated coconut
75 g dried blueberries
200 g mixed chopped nuts
75 g dried cherries
100 g goji berries
50 g milled flaxseed

I still mix everything together in the same box as before and on the whole it lasts us two weeks. It's a bit sweeter now that there's more fruit in it.

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