27 April 2013

Pan-fried Salmon

Recently I'd started having a hankering for pan-fried salmon. No idea where this came from, especially since I'm not a fan of fish on the whole, yet there it was and I decided to act on it.

I was hoping to get some Jersey Royal potatoes, but sadly there weren't any, Spring has been late this year. But I picked up a small bag of new baby potatoes along with the two salmon fillets and a jar of Hollandaise sauce. It's a pity that our supermarkets don't do fresh Hollandaise, it's so much nicer than the stuff in the jars. I should probably try and make some myself.

As it also happened, Lundulph had worked late and wasn't home yet, so I set the potatoes to steam, while I laid the table.

Half-way through cooking, I heated up about 50 g of butter in a large non-stick pan, rinsed the fillets and placed them to fry, skin side down.

I grated some lemon zest on top and sprinkled some tarragon leaves. After about 7 minutes, I turned the steaks over and let them fry for a further 5 minutes. Just to be on the safe side, I fried them for a couple of minutes on the two remaining sides as well.

For the plating I peeled some cucumber and sliced it very thinly, then drizzled balsamic vinegar over it. Once I'd plated the salmon, I drizzled the butter from the pan over it. I believe it's called beurre noisette and it's tasty.


On the whole, I thought it was a lovely and quick dinner to make. Lundulph was more reserved in his praise.

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