15 October 2008

Macaron part 3

OK, the pink macarons didn't manage to bake properly after 15 minutes on gas mark 3, so I decided to attempt a rescue, rather than make another batch.

To the right, yesterday's failed underbaked one and to the left a rescued one with additional 10 minutes at gas mark 2.

I had 8 egg yolks in the fridge because of the macaron insanity and made a nice omelet with them for dinner. Instead of adding milk, I used up some créme fraîche I had left from the other day. With salt, pepper and dill, it turned out very nice indeed and tasted a bit like an omelet with feta cheese in it. Lundulph liked it too, so I guess it wasn't too cheesy for him.

But back to the macarons, all is not lost if they are undercooked - just bake a bit longer but after pre-heating the oven properly first.

I also learned another very valuable lesson - make them and eat them straight away. The chocolate macarons I made last night have now gone extremely soggy and required some scraping off with a spoon. But the macarons themselves can be kept for a few days in an airtight container and the mousseline cream in the fridge and just put them together just before serving. So I'll keep my pink macarons in a box and the pink cream in the fridge for now.

On another happy note, my temporary aversion to chocolate from last Thursday is now over, I had a go at some of the first failed batch of macarons, they were tasty despite all.

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