18 July 2008


Tunnbrödsrulle translates directly to thin bread roll and constitutes of thin soft bread rolled up with a couple of spoons of mashed potato, a sausage, ketchup and mustard in it. This is the basic form. Optionally onions, salad and pickled gherkins can be added.

I love Swedish thin bread and I still haven't found a recipe that's close enough to the ones sold in the shops. They tend to be used like tortillas, but unlike tortillas they are very tender. Not a hint of chewiness. I think they have yeast in them and are flavoured with anise seeds.

IMG_3865 trimmed

This is the standard thing to have after a night out in Sweden. Or a luxury cooked meal as a poor student. There's a place in Stockholm that used to make them with real mashed potato - as opposed to the mix the powder with water stuff. I have many fond memories of this dish and I try to have one every time I go to Sweden, for old times' sake.

I even introduced Lundulph to this delicacy a few years ago.

At my last trip to IKEA, I bought some tunnbröd -Swedish soft thin bread, which is what you need and on my way home today, I got some jumbo Frankfurters from the supermarket, along with crème fraîche and a bag of potatoes claiming to be perfect for mashing.

Now, for the mashed potato, since I tried Delia's recipe, I don't make any other type. But I do tend to be very generous with the crème fraîche. The potatoes too ages to boil, and once they were done, I put them through my potato press to get a smoother texture than I tend to get when I use the whisk.

I grilled the Frankfurters, I think they taste best grilled, though you can go for boiled in Sweden if you prefer that. There's also a choice of chorizo and cabanosse.


And then it's put together.

  1. Place the thin bread on a piece of baking parchment.
  2. Place a couple of spoons of mashed potatoes in the middle and stick the sausage into the mash.
  3. Squirt some ketchup and mustard over the sausage and mash.
  4. Add shopped onions and what ever else you'd like.
  5. Fold up the bread along with the baking parchment. The paper helps hold the thing together.
  6. Ready to eat.

IMG_3864 trimmed

Lundulph said that my photo set-up looks rude. And looking at the photos, he's right. Well, so what, it was ever so tasty, but I need to get hold of larger thin breads.

Be warned though, this is extremely filling. Lundulph had two and is regretting it now - no room for dessert.


tracey said...

The grill at Stockholm östra station/tekniska högskolan tunnelbana has proper homemade mashed potatoes in their tunnbrödsrulle!! Delicious!

Caramella Mou said...

Yep, that's the one I'm talking about. It was their big sales point and ...

...See I'm drooling just by thinking about it.