4 May 2008

My Beloved Electrolux Assistent

I spotted this in an entry on The Fresh Loaf and wanted to share it. It's an old demo video from Electrolux about their Kitchen Assistent machine. I know it's old, because it has two buttons at the front. My Mum's used to have two buttons, one broke and my Dad mended it somehow with a switch. See one button would set the speed and the other would switch on and off. Mine only has one button - speed and on/off combined.

And I've learned something new - I'd never used the dough hook before, but will give it a try. The lady in the demo used it for a rye bread, so I take it it's for heavier doughs.

I'm getting the double whisk next, as my electric hand whisk is coming to the end of it's life and is struggling even with lighter batters these days. Or maybe I'm imagining, but I've had it for some 9 years already.

The pasta attachment seemed also very interesting, especially since I found durum wheat at my local farm shop, I've been dying to try and make my own pasta.

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