18 May 2008

Home Made Pasta

This is something I've been looking forward to making pasta for ages and I was so very happy to find durum wheat flour a couple of weeks ago in our local farm shop. The recipe I'd chosen was the one from my Cordon Bleu book, and had saved three eggs, that were required.

Sadly the recipe was completely wrong. In fact, it repeats the recipe once for manually mixing the dough and once for mixing it in a food processor and there's a typo in the second one, asking for a whole tablespoon of salt. But the worst part was that it called for 2.5 cups of flour for 3 eggs and 2.5 cups is 5.9 dl. I had large eggs and used 6 dl flour - about half the 1 kg packet. Lundulph looked at the book's own conversion table, which would have amounted to even more flour.

And so, my pasta dough never became a dough, at best it looked like polenta. I tried a rescue by adding more olive oil, but that didn't help much and I ended up throwing it all away.

A quick glance at the flour packet listed an almost identical recipe, but half the amount of flour. 250 g flour to 3 eggs. This sounded a lot more likely.

So I'm a bit sad now, but such is life. I'll buy more eggs and try again soon. I wanted to notify the publisher about these mistakes, but there does't seem to be anywhere to do this.

Otherwise, we've been living on salads lately, so that's the main reason for me not blogging.

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