11 May 2008

Пърпорени чушлета


The title would be pronounced as purporeni tchushleta and is something my Mum does regularly. It roasted chillies layered with fresh parsley and garlic and topped up with equal parts of water and vinegar. They are then left for about a day, then the water/vinegar mixture is drained and the jar is topped up with olive oil. The word purporeni is an onomatopoeic on the sounds the chillies make as they are being roasted.

As they are not peeled, they need to be washed and dried before roasting. Also I recommend using milder varieties of chillies. This one was a first for me and the chillies I got were rather hot, so we're working our way though the jar slowly.

Basically they are served as side dish and are eaten along with the main food, by people who fancy an extra kick of spicy heat. It's also a good way of preserving them. The garlic and the parsley are tasty as well and the vinegar too, becoming infused with the roast chilli flavour. Sweet chilli varieties are good this way too and work like any other pickle. The roasting enhances the flavour I think.

I'd been meaning to make these for quite some time and finaly had the pepper roaster out last week, when I made kyopoolu. And apologies for not posting sooner, this past week has been a bit busy.


Anonymous said...

This sounds really lovely, would be great with barbecued meat and fish wouldn't it?


Caramella Mou said...

Yes it is really nice with barbecued meat, and I regret a bit that I didn't make an effort to find milder chillies. I haven't tried with fish, but I don't see why that wouldn't work.

Also I keep the jar in the fridge and the olive oil has gone solid, so it doesn't look too pretty. In theory it should be fine to keep in the larder though where the olive oil would stay liquid.