1 March 2008

Happy Baba Marta

Today is 1st March and in Bulgaria it is celebrated as the beginning of Spring. People give each other мартеници (martenitsi) - small items made of red and white yarn. I didn't have time to make any this year, I normally do though. So instead I made meringue martenitsi.

Won't last as long of course.


golden girl said...

Happy Baba Marta to you also. These look delicious, hope there are some left for Mother's Day! Meringue and red icing?

Caramella Mou said...

Thank you! No icing, just Swiss meringue. I coloured in some of the meringue with red food colouring. It worked, but in order to make it red, rather than pink, I had to add quite a lot of red food colouring and it went a bit runny, like my French meringue.

I'm most proud of that this time the white remained white after baking, last time it went golden. Slow cook setting in the oven ("S") and an extra half hour baking time and the sheet was at the bottom level.

Little Red Dragon said...

Hi Mou - Happy Baba Marta !

I love your blog now the Big Red dragon has finally told me where it is :)

Did you know that 1st March is the Patron Saint day for Wales - St. David's day (Dydd Dewi Sant)? I subjected the BRD and some friends to a suitably Welsh national meal on Saturday night :
Leek and Welsh goats cheese puff pastry tartlets with salad,
Rack of Welsh lamb with apricot & pinenut crust and Saffron Roast Potatoes,
Pudding Wacsyn (lemon suet steamed pub with Maderia sauce - made by my friend).

Which isn't bad considering we live in the namby pamby South East !

Catch up with you soon, and hope I can invite you over to dinner soon!

Caramella Mou said...

Hi Little Red Dragon!

Thanks for stopping by.

Yes, I spotted the St David's Day on our Simpsons calendar. Your menu seems delish! Who can resist goat's cheese? You should be blogging too you know. It's great fun and I bet BRD wouldn't mind either...

See you soon,