24 December 2007

Potato bread

Today I also baked potato bread. This is another recipe from Anne's Food and her contribution to the Daring Bakers, and given how tasty they turned out, I'll try and join them.

As Anne, I used my kitchen assistant machine and boy was the dough sticky - I used a combination of sunflower seed oil and flour to be able to work it. And my Mother-in-law's numerous muffin tins.

Also I didn't have wholemeal flour, so used granary instead. And I left the potatoes to boil over and had to top up the liquid with some tap water. And I still have not succeeded in finding fresh yeast, so used my quick yeast that I use for my bread machine.

The dough rose ever so well, I had to push it down twice during the first 2 hour rise phase. And I got to use up most of the 4 egg yolks I had left over from the glue icing I made yesterday for the gingerbread house.

All I can say is YUMMY!

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