6 December 2007

December once more

It might seem that I've not done anything for a while and partly it's true, but I did bake the other day, a tad too early for St Lucia, but I had a hankering for the lovely saffron buns and it was the first Advent Sunday.

This is the same recipe I used last year. Once again I used too much flour and the dough was too hard. Also Lundulph was making a curry at the same time and had opened all windows to get the steam out, so it may have been a bit too cold for the dough to rise as well.

At the time of kneading and rolling I noticed that it was very tough and kept pulling back, so the little buns were difficult to make.

Also I'd forgotten to buy eggs for glazing, I always do that when the dough doesn't contain eggs itself. So I had in the back of my mind that apricot jam could be used. Funnily enough I had some apricot jam at home, since I used some for the dammsugare.

As you can see it looks OK-ish, the buns were very glittery when I took them out of the oven and are quite sticky to touch.

But mainly I really need to make a softer dough, possibly add a bit more sugar. The buns should be good hot and cold and these are only good hot. Too hard to eat cold.

I'm beginning to rationalise things a bit like my Mum too, as I couldn't be bothered with making the small buns and did two wreaths (using up a packet of marzipan I bought some weeks ago by mistake) and a plait.

It all freezes very well though, we'll be having these well into February next year, I bet.

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