11 November 2007

Party Preparations 3

On Thursday I had a bit of a rest night, in that all I made was a large number of kisses, this time also with walnut halves. I think they were the main hit of all my dishes at the party, so difficult to stop eating them.

This time I followed my comments on the original blog entry and used 1 part egg whites with 2 parts icing suger per weight, but this didn't work out well at all, in fact the mixture went runnier than it was originally. I tried to compensate by adding a couple of table spoons corn starch, but it made no difference to the consistency. So piping was also difficult and I put fairly small blobs on each nut half. Baking went fine, but the meringues went beige coloured, I suspect because of the corn starch. So further experimentation is in order. Either way, the kisses disappeared very quickly.

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