25 March 2007


Last year, I enthusiastically planted 34 nests with potatoes. They all came up and as the weather got drier and drier, I kept watering and watering. They didn't grow as I'd expected. And after we came back from our holiday in July, all traces of the potatoes had disappeared. Eaten by slugs and snails, so I didn't bother with them.

Yesterday, I bought some new plants and one of them I planted in the middle of one of the old potato nests and guess what - there were a couple of spuds in there. I tried another nest and there were more potatoes. I ended up digging through 14 of the nests and had 1.750 kg of small potatoes - some the size of a peanut. This was a very pleasant surprise and certainly made my day.

Lundulph is on a business trip, so I'm waiting for him to come back and we'll try out our very own potatoes. This also means that I haven't been cooking anything interesting either. I made another vegetarian gyuvetch overnight, this time no potatoes, but Jerusalem artichokes and turnips. I've never had turnips before, so I thought I'd try it out.

Another thing I got from Waitrose the other day is a dragon fruit. I spotted these weird, unreal looking fruits on the top shelf of the exotic section and the pink colour looked so artificial, that I was compelled to buy one. It didn't have any instructions on how to eat, so I just cut it in half and peeled off the skin. Inside, the dragon fruit had white flesh with black seeds scattered everywhere. As Lundulph put it, like a kiwi fruit gone mad. And white... The texture and the crunchiness was definitely that of a kiwi fruit. But it didn't taste of anything. So all looks and no substance. Still it's very different looking and would be useful for decoration, both whole and sliced.

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