12 December 2013

Beurre Noisette

One more thing needed to be prepared in advance of our Christmas Dinner and I made it on the same day as the pears. It's called beurre noisette, i. e. brown butter, though it sounds nicer in French I think. Basically, take a lump of butter, say 100 g, place it in a pan on medium heat. Let it melt and even bubble a little. The milk solids will float up to the surface and go golden brown and it'll smell nicely of fried. Remove the pan from the heat and carefully skim off the milk solids, then pour the remaining melted butter into a jar and allow to cool down, then close with a lid and store in the fridge until needed. Or use straight away in small doses over e. g. steamed vegetables. This gives them a nice shiny gloss and enhances the flavour. It will go solid in the fridge and will have a light golden colour. Just melt as required. I also discovered that the milk solids part is tasty on a slice of toast. Because I used unsalted butter, the milk solids tasted sweet. Yummy!

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