1 May 2010

Posh Nosh

It is the 1st May and this means our local Pick-Your-Own is open for business - asparagus.

Lundulph and I went, armed with a basket and a knife, and picked thin ones and picked thick ones and picked really fat ones too.

I've never picked asparagus before, it was quite enjoyable, especially since we were the only enthusiastic pickers at the farm and had the choice of two large fields of the stuff. The raspberries are looking pretty good too and the strawberries were full of big dark green leaves, it'll be a good year I think.

Anyway, we took a turn through the farm shop, just to be on the safe side, then went straight home. While the kettle was boiling the water, I trimmed and washed the thinnest of the spears and boiled them for 5 minutes and we gobbled them up with mayonnaise.


Extremely tasty and with a wonderful texture to them.

We then spent the afternoon in front of my computer - I've installed Linux and it's sort of working.

We had the thick asparagus for dinner (6 minutes boiling time, a bit too long and it went yellow at the bottom) along with some unbelievably expensive Scottish smoked venison and salad. The venison tasted like cardboard with some really old spices on it. Yuck! Lundulph thought it was sort of OK, but I beg to differ.


We now have the really fat asparagus spears left, which we'll have tomorrow. So very very tasty, I'll be going back for more and soon.


ginger@dinnerdiary.org said...

How exciting to pick your own asparagus! We've been eating loads of it too, such a shame the season is so short. It does make me really appreciate it though.

Little Red Dragon said...

Yummmmmm ! :)

That really tempts me - I didn't realise that the PYO did asparagus. You are right, the freshness of stuff you have just picked yourself must be fantastic, and the English season is so short that you just have to make the most of it !