23 October 2007

Bangers and Mash

Well, after all the hints Lundulph has been dropping over the past days, I finally made bangers and mash for our Sunday dinner to celebrate the British Sausage Week.

Together with Delia's perfect mashed potatoes. The sausages were some new-fangled thing from Sainsbury's with jalapenos, loads of garlic and lime and turned out to be very tasty.

I also made a potato soup again, this time with leek, but that didn't help much, it didn't taste very nice, though it wasn't as bad as the first one I made a few weeks back.

Then finally I had two cartons of Fläderdryck from from the Swedish shop and thought I'd try to work out the fab dessert we had at Fred & Gingers a couple of months back. I'd never made jelly before, so the whole thing was rather exciting and I wasn't sure what to expect. I certainly didn't expect it to take overnight for the jelly to set. Here's the result:

The fruit is physalis which turned out to have been picked far too early and was quite sour, some rosey Commice pears, which were quite tasty and fragrant and pomegranite. I love pomegranites and when I saw these in the supermarket, I just had to buy them.

And they turned out to be quite sweet too, translucent pale pink. But once in the jelly, their colour was drained into nothingness. The jelly was quite tasteless, so note for the future - use juice concentrate and fruit with more colour and flavour too.

So I seem to be in some sort of inspirational low cooking-wise. But I went to the Rumwong Thai Market in Guildford and got some interesting ingredients that I'll be trying out tomorrow, we haven't had Thai food for ages.


ginger@dinnerdiary.org said...

Those jellies look brilliant! I don't think ours took as long as overnight to set but they certainly took a while.

I haven't seen any pomegranates yet but I do love them, we did some nice meringues with them last year based on a Nigella Christmas recipe. Picture here http://dinnerdiary.org/?p=240 but no recipe; essentially just meringues, cream and pomegranates though :)

Caramella Mou said...

Yes, they do look nice, but were tasteless and slimy, so they are going straight in the bin tonight.