14 January 2007

Foil baked salmon fillet with roast potatoes

After my first week at my new job, I'll have to say that there won't be much time for cooking during the week and sadly, I'll mostly only make updates on the week-ends when I have time to cook.

Lundulph asked for a roast dinner, while I was making plans to use up at least some of the many salmon fillets in the freezer. Also there is half a can of goose fat left over from Christmas.

So today we're doing an alternative roast Sunday dinner.


roasting potatoes
goose fat
4 salmon fillets, preferably with their skin on one side
grape seed oil
crushed chillies
fresh coriander or parsley
black pepper

  1. First make the roast potatoes, because they'll take the longest, and Delia Smith's recipe is very good. Note that the link goes to a new version of the recipe with saffron. Just skip that bit and do the traditional ones.
  2. Once the potatoes are baking away, start preparing the salmon fillets. For each fillet, take a sheet of aluminium foil, large enough to wrap it up into a packet.
  3. Brush a little oil in the middle of each sheet and place one fillet in each.
  4. As Lundulph doesn't like pesto, his fillets are brushed with a little oil as well, then I sprinkle crushed chillies, salt, pepper on top and cover with the fresh coriander. Then I wrap the whole thing up into a packet.
  5. I like pesto, so my fillets just get covered with pesto and a little crushed chillies to give it a kick and wrap them up into a packet as well.
  6. The salmon packets take 15-20 minutes to bake, so they can go in at the very bottom of the oven with the potatoes. Or bake separately at gas mark 5.

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